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8 Quick Facts about Social Security
  • The Social Security Act was established by Congress in 1935.

  • The first Social Security check was paid out to Ida M. Fuller in 1940 for $22.54.

  • Some Social Security can be taxed, which is like giving back some of the benefit.

  • Drawing a benefit early can affect your future survivor benefits for your lifetime.

  • A surviving spouse can receive Social Security income as young as age 60.

  • Social Security income is indexed to inflation and will increase over time.

  • A grandparent can receive an additional benefit if they are the guardian of minor grandchildren.

  • An unmarried ex-spouse can receive an income benefit based on the exes benefit.


Is Everything

Choosing the wrong time to begin receiving Social Security benefits could cost you thousands of dollars during your Retirement.

Social Security is not One Size Fits All

Everyday, thousands of people in America become eligible to claim a monthly income benefit from Social Security. For some, they may need to start as young as 60 or 62, while others may be in a position to wait until age 70. There are many factors that go into when is the most efficient time to begin this lifetime income benefit and there are generally no do overs.

We help our clients understand and implement Social Security income as a part of their overall retirement income strategy. Every situation in unique. Social Security is not One Size fits All.

Social Security 



Do you understand your choices surrounding Social Security and when you should claim your benefits?

Our firm will prepare a report for you showing your options and the dramatic effect of this important retirement decision.


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